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About Me

Eric vanBokEric vanBokI have been involved in the IT industry for over thirty years working for small companies, startups, and large corporations. I have done government and military contract work, user interface development, worked in the speech recognition field, and worked as a hands on manager in the IT department for a large publisher.

In 2005 I decided to branch out on my own and have been primarily designing websites since then. In total I have been designing websites for well over twenty years now and I have 15 years of experience working with Joomla.

I have built Joomla websites that are simple brochure style websites, all the way to very interactive feature rich websites.

I choose to work with Joomla becuase it is a robust and mature platform, that is highly scalable and can be made very secure. Two websites I have built still receive over 2 million visits each every year, and they are set up to be able to handle high loads. All public facing websites need to stand up to cyber attacks and the websites I build will withstand the constant onslaught of cyber attacks.

I know I can build you the website you need, and then train you how to manage the website yourself.
Let me help you build your website.

When I am not building websites, I am a percussionist and teacher specializing in the music of West Africa. With my wife, Barbara, I run a small music school called Resounding Rhythms where we teach weekly classes in West African drumming, as well as teach and host workshops.